The Faculty

Marsha Woody

Founder - Director

Born in Oklahoma City, Marsha Woody received her early education in Beaumont, Texas, and began dance training at the age of six under the late Judith T. Sproule. She graduated at the age of sixteen, and since has studied under many of the country’s great dance masters. Ms. Woody attended Lamar University, and in 1956, she founded the Marsha Woody Academy of Dance. In the same year, she married Mike Zummo, a local businessman; and later, their daughter, Monique, was born.

In 1971, Ms. Woody founded the Beaumont Civic Ballet Company and has served as the Founder-Director since its inception. It was her dreams and accomplishments that inspired the Board of Directors and the community that a first-class regional dance company was needed in the Beaumont area—Beaumont Civic Ballet was the first. Since that time, BCB’s calendar has been a busy one with an annual “Nutcracker”, a “Spring Concert”, and often a professional guest company performance and apprearances with many of the local civic groups including the Symphony, the Opera, Lamar University, the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, and the Junior League of Beaumont .

Ms. Woody has been a member of all the major dance teachers’ organizations, and has served on the Regional Dance America, Southwest Board as President and Membership Chairman. As President, Ms. Woody and Beaumont Civic Ballet hosted the 1987 Regional Ballet Festival held in Beaumont, which brought over 700 dancers and guests to our community. Ms. Woody was recognized as the outstanding artist in dance by the Southeast Texas Arts Council and was the Southwestern Regional Chairman for the first National Regional Festival held in Houston in 1997. Marsha Woody strives for excellence in dance education for the Academy, Beaumont Civic Ballet, and the community.

Monique Zummo Steinhagen

Associate Director

Monique began her training from her mother, Marsha Woody Zummo, at the age of four. She was a student assistant at sixteen under her mother’s direction. She has studied under renowned teachers such as Robert Joffrey and David Howard and studied two summers in New York City including the prestigious School of American Ballet, home of the New York City Ballet. Monique became a Junior Company member of Beaumont Civic Ballet at the age of ten, performing in BCB’s first “Nutcracker”, and later danced principal roles as a Senior Company member. She is Director/Owner of the Marsha Woody Academy and is Co-Director of Beaumont Civic Ballet Company. Monique began teaching full time at the Academy in 1982. She has choreographed for the Academy, BCB productions, and won a scholarship award for outstanding choreography at SW Regional Ballet for continuing study at Sarah Lawrence University in New York.

Megan Forgas Anderson

Ballet Mistress

At the age of 11, Megan began her dance training at Marsha Woody Academy and was accepted as a Junior Company member with Beaumont Civic Ballet. At the age of 16, she choreographed her first piece for Beaumont Civic Ballet, which was performed at the National Regional Dance America Festival. In 1996 through 1998, Megan received the Monticello Award for Excellence in Choreography and the Regional Dance America Award for Excellence in Choreography. She is the Ballet Mistress and choreographs for BCB and teaches many levels with the Marsha Woody Academy.

Ouida Broussard

Wardrobe Mistress

Ouida was trained as a dancer under Miriam Widman. She has been associated with Beaumont Civic Ballet and Marsha Woody Academy since 1986. She is an wardrobe mistress for BCB and is an administrative assistant for Marsha Woody Academy of Dance. Ouida has a Bachelor of Business and Education degree from Lamar University.